Pitching in, helping out.

Any surprise? There are ways in which you can help make TrailMapper better.

Talk.   A really good way to help out is also the easiest: spread the word. The more people that use TrailMapper, the better. The idea is that more users = more contributors = bigger trails database, which means some cool new trails that you didn't know about.
Upload.  The next best way to help is to become a TrailMapper contributor. If you own a GPS that accompanies you on trail outings, and you play around with tracklogs, then you are in a great position to upload new trail data and expand the public knowledge. Even if you don't own a GPS, you can edit existing trail data for clarity.
Edit.  It turns out you can help almost every time you use TrailMapper. Make a habit of logging in when you use TrailMapper. That way, when you are searching and browsing the database, you are ready to make corrections and additions. Keep a sharp eye out for mispellings, too. Anything you can do to make the data better is very welcome.
HTML.  The TrailMapper Home website is another area that can use help. Specific areas that could use improvement are: the help pages, documentation, improved graphics, nicer navigation menus (and maybe other options), perhaps a discussion area, etc. If you are handy with HTML, consider taking on a portion of the site!
Code.  TrailMapper is written in Perl. If you have Perl programming chops and would like to collaborate on a project that benefits the trail user community, please consider helping out with some programming. Looking at the changelog page can give you an idea of some of the work that is still to be done.
Projects.  Here are some special projects:
  • Currently, there are about 200 trails or routes without elevation data. Here's the list
  • Getting all the State and National park trails on TrailMapper would be excellent.
  • Donate.  Naturally, there is always helping out by making a cash donation. Your donation helps take the bite out of our hosting fees, and spurs on development .